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NEW: Last Call Fitz and Bret's Day at Mayhem
NEW: Last Call with Red Line Chemistry

NEW: Voicemail with VM Vault
NEW: Interview with RLC

VM Number: 602 622 6662

TTFWTA: That Thing Fitz Was Talking About is updated with Lindsay Lohan's Playboy spread.  Click here to view.

NEW: Last Call. Fitz and Bret's day at the Mayhem Festival! Listen to interviews with Disturbed, Megadeth, Trivum, and more.

NEW: Last Call.  Check out Fitz' day with Red Line Chemistry including acoustic versions of Ultragiganator and Never Enough.

Interview! Listen to a podcast with Red Line Chemistry.

Voicemail and the VM Vault where you can find that one voicemail you were thinking of.

TTFWTA: Lindsey Lohan's boob

MelKnot: Mel Gibson set to Slipknot. The vocal resemblance to Corey Taylor is uncanny!


ZDM. Zoo Death Match where methed out animals fight to the death.

TTFWTA. That Thing Fitz Was Talking About is the section where you will find links to everything that Fitz mentioned on the air that is new, notable, or nude.

Section: Last Call.  If you missed it on air its going to be in there. The Monologues and Goodbyes, Radio Game Shows, Prank Calls, Screaming and yelling, harassing callers and co workers. If you half heard it, want to hear it again, show your buddies you were on the radio, or just plain out and out missed it, check out Fitz Radio's Last Call.

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Today's OMG Fact:

Robert Fludd, also known as Robertus de Fluctibus (17 January 1574, Bearsted, Kent – 8 September 1637, London) was a prominent English Paracelsian physician, astrologer, mathematician, cosmologist, Qabalist, Rosicrucian apologist. He was not a member of the Rosicrucians, as often alleged, but he defended their thoughts in the Apologia Compendiaria of 1616.[1]